Whether you were a member of the 136th in 1959 when it was first formed or joined in the 1990's, you soon came to realize that this unit was unlike any other.  Although we had a serious federal and state mission, and everyone from privates, through NCOs, to nurses, doctors, and commanding officers took their jobs seriously and performed them in a professional manner, there was a certain air of congeniality and brotherhood that permeated the unit.  There was no other single unit in the State of Maryland that that brought together such a diverse collection of jobs and duties such as cooks, mechanics, admin personnel, armors, supply specialists, pharmacists, nurses, doctors, lab and x-ray techs, and even a graves registration NCO.  This was a big unit with a big mission, and it took special men and women to get the job done - and we did it.  The unwritten rule of the unit was "work hard and play hard".  Off duty hours could find unit members engaged in softball games, volleyball, horse shoes, card games, or just having a beer together and shooting the breeze.  When it came to these activities, there was no distinction between ranks.  We all played together and enjoyed one another's company.  That atmosphere does not always exist in other military units and may have been one of the contributing factors for our high re-enlistment rate, and lengthy continuity of service among the officer corps.
   Each member of the 136th had his or her own reason for joining the Maryland Army National Guard, but the camaraderie we experienced in the 136th was a positive influence upon us when it was time to decide if we should stay or leave.  Many people developed life-long friendships with other members of the unit.  Hopefully, some of the pictures you find on this site will bring back some good memories of your time as a member of the unit and the 136th family.

Please enjoy the site;
CSM Mike Jeunette (Ret.)



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